5 Responses to “Sri Lankan fans blessed me | Pooja Umashankar”

  1. Tharaka Dinesh says:

    mama kamathi lankawa kanak mari karanawanam!

  2. Tharaka Dinesh says:

    Oya roshanwa mari karanna kamathi nadda?!!!!!!!!

  3. Gehan says:

    Please marry a Lankan and make SL your home. We love you. Come and live here.

  4. Ananda says:

    We should be promoting our own home grown actresses such as Chathurika. Chathurika is a damn good actress. She is in the same level as Pooja. Pooja is a beautiful lady with a lot of talent. She was well trained in India for acting and how to win hearts and minds of her fans. Pooja is from India. Her heart is in India. This is just a job for her. Chathurika is our own flesh and blood. She understands our feelings, customs and language well where as Pooja couldnt. I love Pooja but I love my own kind a lot better.

  5. Mahela says:

    Good interview. She must have been well trained. Her heart and soul is in India.Lanka for her is only a work place. It is very sad to see that our home grown talented actresses such as Chathurika Peiris was condemned and abused at times by our media and public. Chathurika is a highly talented actress. Unfortunately she did not have a proper training and guidence during her career whereas Poojas had academies and PR personnel to guide her in proper way. This little island of ours is not blessed with lot of talented stars, but the ones we have do not get a proper recognition and blessing from us. Pooja is a very good actress so is Chathurika but the difference is the latter is our own flesh and blood. We must cultivate our own stars. The world is an oyster for Pooja. She can go to Kolly, Tolly, Malayalam and bollywood and these doors will not be opened that easily for Chathurikas etc.. Pooja can marry a nice Indian and live happy ever after in Bangalore.I like Pooja as an actress but Chathurika much better even with all her mistakes and faults.

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